Imperial College London is partnering with the GFCC (Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils) to deliver a high profile event entitled Cities: Competitive, Innovative, and Sustainable.

In cities population growth is routinely outstripping infrastructural renewal. This is creating a persistent appetite for innovation in sectors such as public utilities, environmental infrastructure and healthcare to name just a few. As more and more of the world’s population continues to flood into city – a percentage that is set to reach 66 by 2050 – this trend will only continue.

As innovation becomes more critical for cities talent and technology are being perpetually encouraged to unite to drive economic growth. Cities – and the businesses that drive them – not only need to look inwards now but outwards to the global stage where becoming and remaining attractive is a constant issue for denizens and their leaders. The conference will bring together entrepreneurs, policy makers, CEOs, investors, thinkers and innovators from around the world from November 29-30, 2016.

Panel conversations and break-out group sessions will investigate four themes:

How different stakeholders and technology come together in cities to improve urban living and how cities are connected with their surrounding regions.

How cities are transformative entities that change continuously, creating resilience to external and internal pressures.

How sustainability in cities plays an active role in public health, wellbeing and competitiveness.

How freedom of expression plays a role in city growth and development.

A Gala Dinner themed ‘Envisioning our urban future’ will close the first day of the Summit and feature four Imperial academics presenting visions of the future based on their own academic research.



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